【Announcement】The 5th CFCS Youth Forum on Frontiers of Computing

The 5th CFCS Youth Forum on Frontiers of Computing will take place between April 3rd — 4th, 2020. This forum invites young scholars and rising stars in all computer science fields to gather at Peking University to exchange scientific discoveries and new technologies, to learn about the center and academic career at PKU, and to interact with the PKU Turing Class students.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, this forum may be postponed or be held online but the application as speakers works as normal. Any change will be noticed through CFCS website and social media.


a) Have a faculty or research position in world-known universities or research institutes, or applicants that are expected to have a Ph.D within a year from world-known universities with outstanding academic achievements.

b) Have a Ph.D from world-known universities or research institutes, no more than 35 years old.

c) Have a strong willing to work full-time in the center.

Support (for on-site forum)

a) Provide transportation expenses for the invited speakers to and from Beijing to their current workplaces or universities (economy class of airplane/ second-class seat of high-speed rail).

b) Provide accomodation for invited speakers during the forum.

Special gifts will be mailed to the speakers for online forum.


Deadline: Please send a curriculum vitae, an electronic photo, biography, talk’s title and abstract, all in English to cfcs@pku.edu.cn before March 8th, 2020
Reply: Within 2 working days after submitting the application
Confirmation of the speaker list: March 13th, 2020

Contact: Cecca Yunli Yang cfcs@pku.edu.cn

About CFCS Youth Forum

The center hosts the CFCS Youth Forum on Frontiers of Computing twice a year, which has become a platform for attracting talented young computer scientists from around the world. We invite candidates to give talks to introduce their research during the forum, and take the opportunity to introduce the center to them. With an ever increasing dynamic in the Chinese IT industry and partnership with universities, we also invite industry leaders to explore collaboration opportunities.

A new initiative at Peking University. More information: https://cfcs.pku.edu.cn/english/index.htm

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